Welcome to ubatuba.org.br

Welcome to ubatuba.org.br

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This website provides you with a wealth of information about Ubatuba. It lets you discover why locals call it ‘paradise’, gives you information about the most important upcoming events in town and much more.

Ubatuba has over 100 beaches, so in the Beaches section you are sure to find one that fits your tastes and needs. You can filter by categories like good for family, good for diving, surfing or fishing, with car access and so on. You can even choose by region, since Ubatuba is split mainly into three regions, North, South and Central.

In the Tourism section, you can find information about all the tourist attractions in Ubatuba and with a simple click, get to know what, when and where of any attraction that you set your eyes on. The Establishments section gives you information on services and businesses, split into categories like restaurants, hotels, hostels, bars, taxis, etc.

In the Blog section you can find interesting articles about Ubatuba and catch up with the latest news in town.

The Apps section is still under development.

Connect with ubatuba.org.br through the social media channels, where you can keep in touch with the team that maintains the website. See you there!

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