Welcome to UbatubaApp

Welcome to UbatubaApp

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• Atrações Turísticas / Tourist Attractions
• Praias, Ilhas e Cachoeiras / Beaches, Islands and Waterfalls
• Estabelecimentos Comerciais / Shopping Facilities
• Calendário de Eventos / Events Calendar
• Sobre Ubatuba / About Ubatuba
• Inglês / English
• Previsão do Tempo / Weather Forecast

In this app, we can find vast information about Ubatuba. Allows you to know a little bit about, what they call ‘paradise’, gives you information about the most important upcoming events in the town an explain each one in details.

Tourist Attractions, we can find information about main places to visit focused on tourism and history, like Aquário de Ubatuba, where you can see different species of sea life preserved and alive, explained and maintained by biologists. You can get information Ruínas da Lagoinha, historical place where you can visit centenary ruins.

With complete information about the beaches, and vast options that can help you get to know the main attraction from Ubatuba; Praias, Ilhas e Cachoeiras – Beaches, Islands and Waterfalls has a guide about each beach, island and waterfall, with main info, location and beautiful pictures.

The category Estabelecimentos Comerciais – Shopping Facilities brings you many options divided into categories, since supermarkets, to banks, pharmacies, etc, for an easy navigation, making it easy to find what you exactly need and provides you main information about each place listed in there.

Events Calendar is dedicated to the upcoming events in town. Ubatuba is full of folkloric celebrations and religious festivals, distributed around all town, with many of those attractions happening in the street, allowing people to see and live the experience very close to the artists.

About Ubatuba is a section that tell a little bit about Ubatuba’s history and life-style, and explain what is done for preservation of this “paradise”, also gives you information on how to get there.



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